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Issued 28th March for Summer Term 2022

Dear Parents,

Newsletter for Summer Term 2022

Summer Term Classes 2022
Most gymnasts will be in the same group next term. We look forward to seeing you all again, but please let us know of anyone leaving or if anyone needs to change day.
There are preschool places available and a few after school places.

Arts Competition - April 2022
The Ribbon solos will be performed on the 23rd & 24th March. The Beam Pairs, Hoop Pairs and Sixes are on the 29th - 31st March. The results will be announced on the 5th - 7th April, together with our end of term award presentations. Well done to all the competitors preparing entries. Sadly, due to restrictions, parents will be unable to observe the competition.
We do hope the situation will improve soon, but the hall is just not covid safe for 106 competitors and 200 parents.

Gymnastics Awards
On the 5th - 7th April we will be presenting gymnastics awards earned this term. About a third of gymnasts will be receiving awards. Please note that average progress is an award each year – not an award every term. British Gymnastics have now withdrawn the Proficiency scheme that has been the mainstay of recreational gymnastics for over forty years. As our stocks dwindle, we will be replacing both the badges and the certificates with our own – following the same skills. Sadly, due to restrictions, parents will be unable to attend our end of term presentations. The end of year medals and trophies for those who are top of their year group will be presented at the end of the summer term.

Tesco Funding
We have been awarded some funding by Tescos. The amount we will receive will be decided by voting in store from April to the end of June. At the checkout you will receive tokens, please put us many as you can into the instore voting box. (Tescos stores in Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath)

Health & Safety etc
We are concerned by the rising number or children who report ear infections around their ear-rings. If ear-rings have been in for over six weeks they must remove them - preferably before coming to gym - as they are a risk to both themselves and others. Piercings will not close up in couple of hours.
New piercings should be covered with tape.

I’m sure you are aware of the risks of illegal parking on the yellow lines, to children around the Centre particularly at school pick-up time. Please take care not to add to the risk.

Fees Invoice
Our fees have not risen for over six years, but we are facing a number of large increases in our costs. In the six years our insurance has risen 15%, but our largest costs are our hall hire fees which have risen by 44%. Our after-school fees are going to rise by 12% next term to £45 and our Preschool fees to £40 per term. As always, this covers an average ten sessions, free awards, subsidised clothing and for Year 3 and above, it gives free entry to two competitions a year.

Please help us by paying fees online before coming, though if you are unable to, we can still accept cash or cheques. Summer term fees are therefore £45 for after-school and £40 for Pre-school.

Account name HGC Sort code 20-49-76
Account 33501949 Reference Your Childs name

With the number of cases still around, particularly amongst children, we are keeping our current guidelines in place to protect our children & coaches. Please do not send in anyone with potential symptoms. A big thank you for keeping to our new way of working and well done especially to all the younger ones who are coming in without parents/carers as we greet them at the front door.
Please remember – one-way system, no parents in building, gel on entry and exit.

Leotards are still £25 for sizes XXS, XS and S, £30 for Medium and £35 for Large. We can advise on the right size for your child. These are still being subsidised from their current cost of £39 - £69. All kits are currently in stock. We welcome donations or purchases of second-hand leotards.

Club Championships
Our Annual Championships will be back to normal content with, with Floor Solo, Floor Pairs and Vault competitions being held in session time during the classes of the 22nd to 24th June. Sadly due to restrictions parents will not be able to see the performances.
Results will be announced with medals & trophies presented in the last week of term, 29th June to 1st July. We encourage all juniors (Year 3+) and above age children to take part if they wish.
Entry into the competition is welcomed and will be arranged by 27th May.

Competition rules are fairly simple: -
Vault: - two attempts, best score to count.
Floor: - at least ten moves from a supplied list, in a sequence to music.
Pairs: - at least five moves and three pairs balances, in a sequence, to music.
Routines should include dance and use instrumental music of 70-90 seconds. Three different competition CDs are available, containing numerous suitable non-vocal music tracks of the correct competition length. If gymnasts wish to use their own music, it needs to be instrumental, 70 - 90 seconds long and recorded cut & ready as track 1 on a CD.

We currently have vacancies in the Pre-school classes for boys at 1 or 1.30pm and for girls at 1.30 or 2pm. The Tuesday classes have vacancies for both boys and girls.

Autumn Term Classes 2022
Most of our Pre-school children will be joining Reception in September and will move from Pre-school to the after-school Club.
All of the new Reception boys wishing to continue are offered places in the Tuesday 4.30pm -5.30pm class. Please let us know if any will be leaving.
All of the new Reception girls will be offered a place on either Tuesday 4.30 – 5.30pm, or Wednesday or Thursday from 4 - 5pm. If girls have a firm
preference for a day - or are not planning to continue in September, please let us know.

Dates for 2022
Tuesday 26th April Term starts
Thursday 26th May Competition entries close
Tuesday 31st May to Friday 3rd June Half Term (closed)
Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd June Annual Championship competition
28th – 30th June Competition results and Award Presentations
Friday 1st July Preschool presentations and term ends
Tuesday 6th September Autumn Term starts

One Club rule
Please remember our ‘one-club' rule - we do not accept children who attend another gym club at the same time as us (apart from free teacher-led school clubs) - though children may join and leave us as they wish.

All the coaches wish you all a good Easter and look forward to seeing you next term.

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