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Spring Term 2020
We have vacancies in after-school classes on Tuesdays (boys) and Wednesdays & Thursdays (girls).
Our waiting lists have all but disappeared.
We have vacancies for pre-school boys at 1pm and for pre-school girls at 1.30 or 2pm on Friday afternoons.
Please contact us to find out the situation.

Anyone wishing to join any classes are recommended to forward their childs name, date of birth, address & phone number to the Club.
(A form is available on the menu.)

Our email is
(Available on our Links page.) If you have any urgent queries, please phone 01273 - 832366 and we will try to answer you.

New Gymnasts
Parents of new gymnasts are reminded that we meet in Hurstpierpoint Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9UY.
There is a free car park opposite, but on the right hand side you need to show one of the MSDC time clocks up to 6pm.
Gymnasts are reminded that they should not be wearing any jewellery, bracelets, friendship bands or ear-rings. (If ears were pierced in the last six weeks you will need to tape over your studs.) All work is done barefoot without shoes, socks, tights or leggings.

21st Arts Festival Competition - 28th March 2020
Over a hundred gymnasts took part in the last competition and we expect another high entry. This time the competition will feature Ribbon Solos, Hoop Pairs, Beam Pairs and the ever popular Sports Acrobatic Sixes.
Entries are now being arranged with the gymnasts, entries closing on the 14th February. All children from School Year 3 upwards are encouraged to enter one, two or three sections (not both pairs).

On the 29th & 30th January we are hosting the British Rhythmic champion, who will be demonstrating and coaching our 5pm, 6pm & 7pm classes.

Balls, Hoops, Ribbons & Ropes
All of these items are available now from the Club.
Made to international competition standards the costs are :- Balls 11, Hoops 9, Ribbons 7 & Ropes 4.

Leading Gymnast
Special congratulations go to Jasmine Cross who has been presented with her third Gold Award and thus become our first ever gymnast to earn all of our BG Awards. Jasmine started in Pre-school at the age of three and has progressed though the Club earning Awards 8 up to 1 and then Bronzes, Silvers and Golds for Floor, Vault and Pairs.
Jasmine is already one of our most skilled and reliable junior coaches.

Family Bonfire & Fireworks 3rd November 2019
Thank you to everyone involved in the event. Oldland Mill volunteers worked their socks off building the fire and organising the parking. Volunteers from FoHIS have assisted throughout and provided stewarding. Thank you to Richard for the use of the Park and thank you to everyone who attended.

The Oldland Mill Trust & the Gym Club, together with local schools in Albourne, Hassocks & Birchwood Grove, London Meed and Southway in Burgess Hill are all benefitting from your support.

The 25th Hurst Family Bonfire & Fireworks evening will be celebrated on Sunday 1st November 2020.

36th Championships 2019
Our 36th Championships were contested by nearly 100 gymnasts. The competitions included floor solos, vault and Sports Acrobatic pairs. Congratulations go to all of the gymnasts for their excellent performances and in particular to our new Junior Overall Champion Isabel Faulkner and to Jasmine Cross, retaining the Overall Senior title.
Entry was free and was open to all Years 3s and above.

Tee-shirts and Leotards
Our grant funding is enabling us to provide subsidised Tee-shirts for all gymnasts - only 2 each, while stocks last!
All sizes of new leotards are currently available through the club.
With our financial support we are still able to reduce the cost of both Girls leotards and Boys leotards which are now 25 (childrens sizes) and 30 (adult sizes). We currently have all sizes in stock.

Second-hand leotards are available as and when they come in. Please let us know if you have any spare

Hurstpierpoint Christmas Fair 2020
Thank you for your support for last year's Christmas Fair. It has raised valuable funds for the club.
The warm atmosphere of the Village Centre was certainly welcoming compared with the weather outside.

1,000th Award 7
The Club coaches with the British Gymnastics Awards. We have now presented our 1,000th Award 7 which was gained by Emily Darbyshire. Well done to the 999 gymnasts who have already received Award 7 from us.

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