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Summer Term 2019
Summer Term is with us, with a few vacancies on both Wednesdays and Thursdays for girls and for Junior boys on Tuesdays.
Our waiting lists have disappeared for all but pre-school boys, so if anyone thinks they are still waiting, please contact us to find out the situation.
There are vacancies in the Preschool girls classes at 1.30, 2.00 & 2.30pm on Fridays.
Anyone wishing to join any classes are recommended to forward their names, date of birth, address & phone number to the Club.
(A form is available on the menu.)

Our email is
(Available on our Links page.) If you have any urgent queries, please phone 01273 - 832366 and we will try to answer you.

35th Championships 2019
Our 35th Championships will be on Saturday 6th July - finished in time for the St. Lawrence Fair procession which starts at 1pm.
The competitions will include floor solos, vault and Sports Acrobatic pairs. Entry was free and was be open to all Years 3s and above. Over a hundred gymnasts have entered the competition, a new high for participation.

20th Arts Festival Competition - March 2019
Our 20th Annual Arts Competition took place on the 30th March. Over a hundred gymnasts took part in the competitions featuring Ball Solos, Rope Pairs, Beam Pairs and the ever popular Sports Acrobatic Sixes.
Congratulations are due to all the gymnasts who put on an excellent display of our work with them. Particular congratulations go to Isabel Faulkner who won the Overall Junior Championship and to Emily Holmes who won the Overall Senior title.

Balls, Hoops, Ribbons & Ropes
All of these items are available now from the Club.
Made to international competition standards the costs are :- Balls 11, Hoops 9, Ribbons 7 & Ropes 4.

Hurstpierpoint Christmas Fair 2018
Thank you to everyone involved in this year's Christmas Fair. The warm atmosphere of the Village Centre was certainly welcoming compared with the wet day outside.
It has raised valuable funds for the Club.

Family Bonfire & Fireworks 2018
Thank you everyone who came to our Family Bonfire event. Although the crowd was substantially down, the bonfire and fireworks certainly were not. A good crowd enjoyed easy parking, fireworks prompt at 6.30pm and a huge bonfire that caught very well.

Our grateful thanks go to all those who helped. The event raised valuable funds for Oldland Mill, five schools and the Club.

For 2019 please book Sunday the 3rd November as the date to be there.

Supported by West Sussex County Council
A grants from West Sussex has enabled us to reduce the cost of leotards, enabling everyone to be safe and perform in Club colours.

Tee-shirts and Leotards
Our grant funding is enabling us to provide subsidised Tee-shirts for all gymnasts - only 2 each, while stocks last!
All sizes of new leotards are currently available through the club.
With our financial support we are now able to reduce the cost of both Girls leotards and Boys leotards to 20.

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