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Annual Championships 2018
Our 35th Annual Championships saw over ninety gymnasts competing for honours. Well done all the participants and in particular to Abigail Thomas & Jasmine Cross - our Overall Junior and Senior winners.

Autumn Term 2018
Most of our classes are already full, with just a few vacancies cropping up.
There are currently vacancies in the Preschool girls classes at 1.30, 2.00 & 2.30pm on Fridays.
Anyone wishing to join any classes are recommended to forward their names, date of birth, address & phone number to the Club. Their names will then be put on the waiting list for the first vacancies that arise.
(A form is available on the menu.)

Our new email is
(Available on our Links page.) If you have any urgent queries, please phone 01273 - 832366 and we will try to answer you.

Arts Festival Competition - March 2018
Congratulations to all those who took part in our 19th Arts Competition. A hundred gymnasts took their free places and made it as competitive as ever. The Competition featured Ribbon Pairs, Beam Pairs, Hoop Solos and the Sports Acrobatic Sixes.
Particular congratulations to Libby Turner - the Junior Overall Champion and to Freya Hancock - the Senior Overall Champion.

Balls, Hoops, Ribbons & Ropes
All of these items are available now from the Club in a variety of colours.
Made to international competition standards the costs are :- Balls 7, Hoops 9, Ribbons 7 & Ropes 4.

Family Bonfire & Fireworks 4th November 2018
Thank you everyone who came to our Family Bonfire event last year. With the record turnout and the fall of an ancient oak in our car park area we had difficulties with parking and the consequent hold-up in setting off our fireworks. We apologise for the unforeseen delay but hope you agree that your patience was well rewarded with our best firework display yet.
We are making improvements to parking for next year, which will be on Sunday 4th November.
The event has raised valuable funds for Oldland Mill, five schools and the Club.
Thank you to Oldland Mill volunteers and Friends of Hassocks Infant School for all your assistance and to Richard Burrows for the use of the Park.

Hurstpierpoint Christmas Fair 2018
Thank you to everyone who came to our annual Christmas Fair last year, we had a record attendance and raised funds which will assist the Club.
If you would like a stall at the 2018 fair in the warm atmosphere of the Centre, please contact us.

Supported by West Sussex County Council, Tescos and Clarion.
Grants from West Sussex and Tescos have enabled us to reduce the cost of leotards, enabling everyone to be safe and perform in Club colours.
We are grateful to Clarion for their support and we would like to hear from any Clarion residents either attending or waiting to join.

Tee-shirts and Leotards
Our grant funding is enabling us to provide subsidised Tee-shirts for all gymnasts - only 2 each, while stocks last!
All sizes of new leotards are currently available through the club.
With our financial support we are now able to reduce the cost of both Girls leotards and Boys leotards to 20.

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