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News Update - 3rd June 2024

Hi there Gymnasts,

Class photos
All classes have now had their photos taken, which are still available for purchase at Club ( £1 a page - cash or transfer),

Summer Term 2024
There are vacancies for a few girl gymnasts on Wednesdays and Thursdays - please enquire.
There are also vacancies in the Pre-school classes on Fridays - boys at 1pm or 1.30 and for girls at 1.30pm, 2pm or 2.30pm.

We are taking reservations for all classes for both the Summer & Autumn terms.

Funding Help & Tescos
We are pleased to announce that we are being given assistance by Tescos (Please keep voting for us instore to the end of June), Mid Sussex District Council and Sussex Police.
This funding is enabling us to purchase new equipment and not to raise fees to cover these and our insurance and storage charges.
Thank you to everyone involved.

Sale of Mats
The current mats have now all sold out - sorry.

July Championships - 6th July 2024
All Year 3 and older were invited to take part in these competitions. Details are on the Newsletter, available here and already sent to parents.
Entries are now closed and notes being sent out to parents. Over 80 gymnasts have entered and are now practising.

Sayers Common 3 year-olds
We are particularly interested to hear from parents of 3 year-olds living in Sayers Common. The Community shop has offered to fully fund their first term.

All sizes are now in.
Leotards are now costing us from £40 to £69. Please note that leotard prices to you are now £30 (XXS, XS & S), £35 Medium & £40 large.
We welcome either donations or purchase of leotards no longer needed.
We have several second-hand ones available.

23rd Arts Competition 2024
Congratulations to all the gymnasts who performed at this years Arts competition. Parents & friends had the opportunity to see the routines prepared by the gymnasts for this event. Congratulations to Olivia Sparks Carolan who won the Overall Top Junior title.

Balls, Hoops, Ribbons & Ropes
All of these items are available now from the Club. Made to international competition standards the costs are :- Balls £11, Hoops £9, Ribbons £7 & Ropes £4.

Over 80 gymnasts have already passed their gymnastics awards this term, which will bee presented free on the last day of our term.
More children are just a few skills from their next badge.

Post Covid Restrictions
Our new "norm" since the relaxation of many covid regulations means we are keeping measures in place to protect both the gymnasts and the coaches.
We have retaining the one-way system for entry and exit, and parents dropping off at the entrance.
We have retaining additional cleaning and maximum ventilation.
A well done goes to all the children, in particular to the Pre-schoolers, who have adapted to the new situation so well and all come in independently.

Fees for the Summer term 2024 are the same as last term, they are £50 for main club and £45 Pre-school. Awards, competition entries and a subsidy on clothing are all included.

Website update
We now have all of our Club policies available on this website - look for the Policies section on the tabs below.
The links page now has direct email links to the Club and another link to our Welfare Officer.

If you have any queries about the Club please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our email is
(Available on our Links page.) If you have any urgent queries, please phone 01273 - 832366 and we will try to answer you.

Covid Footnotes
All the advice we are given regarding covid, reinforces the Risk Assessment changes to our working methods we made in 2020, particularly regarding personal and equipment cleanliness, extra ventilation, reducing congestion with our one-way system, small working groups of children / coaches, no spectators, BACS payments, coaches & gymnasts not to attend with symptoms.

Our Covid Risk Assessment actions include testing all coaches and additional cleaning.

The biggest differences are that parents, family etc are not able to enter the inner building. To allow for cleaning etc, classes now finish five minutes early and to avoid congestion, our one-way steam means children leave by the Club entrance to the west / left of the building.

New Gymnasts
Parents of new gymnasts are advised that we meet in Hurstpierpoint Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9UY.
There is a free car park opposite, but on the right hand side you need to show one of the MSDC time clocks up to 6pm.
Gymnasts are reminded that they should not be wearing any jewellery, bracelets, friendship bands or ear-rings. (If ears were pierced in the last six weeks you will need to tape over your studs.) All work is done barefoot without shoes, socks, tights or leggings.

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