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News Update - as of 6th April 2022

Hi there Gymnasts,

1,000th Award 8
We are proud that the Club has now presented its 1,000th Gymnastics Award 8, following 1,000 Award 7,6,5,4 & 3. Well done all baadge winners

21st Arts Competition 2022
A super 106 gymnasts performed in the Arts competition this year. Congratulations to all the gymnasts, most of whom were performing for the first time ever.
Particular congratulations to all of the winners and to Summer Sargent our new Arts Junior Champion and to Isabel Faulkner, our new Senior Arts Champion.

We look forward to our next competition in June / July.

We have a short reserve list for those wishing to join. If you wish to be added to the reserve list, please contact us as soon as possible.
Our Friday Pre-school classes now have vacancies for boys at 1pm, for girls at 2pm and in our mixed class - particularly for boy/girl siblings at 1.30pm.
Please contact us for places available now.

Another 140 Gymnastics awards were presented in the last week of the Spring term.
Many children are just a few skills from their next badge.

Covid Restrictions
Since the relaxation of regulations, we have relaxed a few of our restrictions, while keeping some measures in place to protect both the gymnasts and the coaches.
We have retaining the one-way system for entry and exit, gelling on entry & exit and having no parents in the building.
We have retaining additional cleaning and maximum ventilation.
Coaches still take regular covid tests.
We have ended the requirement for our seniors to wear face-masks on entry, though of choice they may of course still wear them.
We have relaxed the bubbles in the classes, though still keep children in working groups.
We have restarted the Sports Acrobatic pairs & groups work that had been suspended.

A well done goes to all the children, in particular to the Pre-schoolers, who have adapted to the new situation so well and all come in independently.

Fees for the Summer term have reluctantly risen to £45 for main club and £40 Pre-school. Awards, competition entries and a subsidy on clothing are all included.

Leotards & Tee-shirts
Our grant funding is enabling us to provide subsidised Tee-shirts for all gymnasts - only £2 each.
All sizes of leotards are now in stock.
With our financial support we are still able to reduce the cost of both Girls leotards and Boys leotards which are now £25 (childrens sizes) and £30 (adult sizes) from their current cost to us of £39 to £67.

If you want a leotard, please pay online and we will have it ready for your child's next class.

Second hand leotards are available as and when they come in. We are always interested in recycling used ones.

38th Annual Championships
This event will be run within the Club sessions.
More details are given in the Termly Newsletter on this site.

Website update
We now have all of our Club policies available on this website - look for the Policies section on the tabs below.
The links page now has direct email links to the Club and another link to our Welfare Officer.

We would like to thank our coaches for the superb work they have done since lockdown was lifted.
They have helped the children to come in independently and into their bubbles.
They have willingly undertaken additional cleaning during and between classes.
We very much appreciate all they have done to enable us to keep club running.
Thank you so much to all of you.

Funding Help
Please support us by voting for the Club in Tescos, who have just agreed to support the Club.
We are pleased to announce that we have been offered assistance by Mid Sussex District Council, the Sussex Community Foundation and Burgess Hill Town Council.
This funding is enabling us to reopen, to carry out actions from our Covid Risk Assessment, to purchase new equipment and not to raise fees too highly to cover these and our insurance and storage charges.
Thank you to everyone involved.

Balls, Hoops, Ribbons & Ropes
All of these items are available now from the Club.
Made to international competition standards the costs are :- Balls £11, Hoops £9, Ribbons £7 & Ropes £4.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our email is
(Available on our Links page.) If you have any urgent queries, please phone 01273 - 832366 and we will try to answer you.

All the advice we are given regarding covid reinforces the Risk Assessment changes to our working methods we made in 2020, particularly regarding personal and equipment cleanliness, extra ventilation, reducing congestion with our one-way and direct to hall system, small working groups of children / coaches, no spectators, contactless payments, coaches & gymnasts not to attend with symptoms, recording attendance and groups etc.

Our Covid Risk Assessment actions include testing all coaches and additional cleaning.

The biggest differences are that parents, family etc are not able to enter the building. To allow for cleaning etc, classes now finish five minutes early and to avoid close congestion, our one-way steam means children leave by the Club entrance to the left of the building.

New Gymnasts
Parents of new gymnasts are reminded that we meet in Hurstpierpoint Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint BN6 9UY.
There is a free car park opposite, but on the right hand side you need to show one of the MSDC time clocks up to 6pm.
Gymnasts are reminded that they should not be wearing any jewellery, bracelets, friendship bands or ear-rings. (If ears were pierced in the last six weeks you will need to tape over your studs.) All work is done barefoot without shoes, socks, tights or leggings.

Lockdown Week One Activities
As always, please make sure you are safe before you start. No loose clothing and hair tied up, beware of ear-rings etc. Make sure that where you are has no hazards, furniture edges, slippery floor etc and then warm up and stretch before you try anything suggested. Stop if anything hurts - there's something wrong.

Set One for 3 to 8 year olds, especially those aiming for their first award, try these things first :-

1 30 seconds running on the spot (that's singing Happy Birthday 4 times!)

2 Balance on one foot for three seconds, and then the other foot.

3 Show and remember your shapes :-
Star - Stand up with your feet wide and your arms wide
Pencil - stand up with your feet together and your arms straight above your head
Tuck - Sit down and cuddle your knees bent up
Pike - sit down with your legs out straight and together with toes pointing away from you
Straddle - sit down with your legs straight as wide apart as you can and toes pointing away from you

4 While you are in tuck can you do a "roll-roll". Hold your legs and roll back to your shoulders and back up to sit without putting your hands or elbows on the floor to help.

Set Two for those who found the above easy :-

1 60 seconds free running, preferably in an open space like a garden. Don't just run in circles but vary the pattern you make.

2 Do some lunges. Put one foot well forward, then bend the front knee, hold for three seconds and repeat three times. Now do it with the other foot. Stand in straddle with feet apart and bend one knee to the side, hold and repeat three times. Now do lunges to the other side. Stand up and shake yourself.

3 Half Japana - sit in straddle with straight legs and put your chin in your hands, then slowly lower to put your elbows on the floor in front and hold for three seconds. Sit up and shake your knees before repeating.

4 DAD rolls. Nothing to do with Dad, but Dish - Arch - Dish. Stretch out on your tummy with your arms straight. Lift your arms, head and straight legs off the floor. Count to three and then roll over onto your back. Try to roll with no head, arms or legs touching the floor. Count to three and then roll back to your tummy. Stand up and give yourself a shake.

Set Three for those who've been with us longer :-

1 Make sure the area is safe and skip with a rope for 45 seconds. If you haven't got a rope or space, just skip on the spot.

2 Practice your half turn or full turn jumps. Stretch tall, lower your arms straight in front of you and bend your knees, then lift your arms up as you jump round to land facing the other way. When you land count to three without moving your feet.

3 Practice your bridges. Lay down and position your hands on the floor up by your ears. Bend your legs. Don�t sit up, but keeping your feet flat on the floor and knees together, first lift your back off the floor, then your head. Never balance on just your head. Try to get your arms and legs straight and your arms almost vertical. After each try, cuddle your knees and do three tuck rolls before you try again.

4 Practice your headstands. Before you start, make sure there's a clear space ahead in case you lose your balance. You might want a thin cushion for your head. Crouch down without putting your knees on the floor and put your hands on the floor. Make a triangle base by putting your head on the floor well ahead of your hands. Slowly transfer your body weight to your hands and head, lifting both of your feet together off the floor, staying in a tuck shape and counting three slowly. Return both feet to the floor together without your knees touching the floor.

Lockdown Week Two Activities
Set One for 3 to 8 year olds, especially those aiming for their first award, try these things first :-

1 Put a hoop on the floor or put a rope on the floor as a line and jump in and out (or over it) for 30 seconds without stopping

2 Sit on the floor with legs straight and together and hands on the floor at your side. Lift your bottom off the floor until your body is straight and hold for three seconds - then lower and do three more times. (Called back support) Turn over and lift your body off the floor so your body is straight, hold for three seconds and repeat. (Called front support)

3 Get someone to face you and then move your arms, you can wave them, draw circles, imitate swimming moves, bend them, lift them up & down. Do this for one minute with your partner copying you. Then copy them for a minute.

4 Balance on one foot for three seconds. Can you keep your leg straight and not wobble. Then change feet and try it again.

Set Two for those who found the above easy :-

1 60 seconds of jumping jacks. Stand with your feet together, jump your feet apart and your arms out straight, then jump feet back together and arms at your side.

2 A T balance. Stand on one foot and lean sideways until your raised leg and body are horizontal - that's level to the floor. Then try the other side. If it's difficult to start, lean sideways and hold onto something to get the shape right. It helps if you can see yourself in a big mirror.

3 Shoulder stand. Lay on the floor and lift your feet up to point at the ceiling. Keep you toes pointed and push up until your body is straight. Put your elbows on the floor and your hands on your hips to push yourself up. Hold for three seconds.

4 Go to front support shape (like a push up start shape). Make sure your legs are together and straight, then with knees together, jump up so that your feet are between your hands and stand up. Repeat five times.

Set Three for those who've been with us longer :-

1 Find a space about as long as our hall - about 30 paces. Then run the length ten times as fast as you can without stopping.

2 Practice your half japana and japana. That's sitting in straddle and leaning forwards with your legs straight. A half japana is when you can touch your elbows on the floor between your knees and hold for three seconds. For a full japana push your arms forward until your tummy is on the floor and hold for three seconds. After each try, give your legs a shake.

3 Practice your bridges again. Lay down and position your hands on the floor up by your ears. Bend your legs. Don�t sit up, but keeping your feet flat on the floor and knees together, first lift your back off the floor, then your head. This time, before you get up, try to rock forwards and backwards so your head goes past your hands. After each try, cuddle your knees and do three tuck rolls before you try again.

4 Practice your handstands. Before you start make sure there's enough space ahead in case you lose your balance. Stretch tall and put one foot forwards. Lift the back foot first off the floor and then the other so that you transfer your body weight to your hands. Both your legs should be straight, your toes pointed up and your back straight. To get good shape, when you're up don't look at the floor, but look back to where you started. Return both feet one at a time back to the floor. If you can, stay up for three seconds. Tip - if your leaning over too far, dig your fingers in. If you're coming down too soon, press the heel of your palm in.

Lockdown Week Three Activities

Set One for 3 to 8 year olds, especially those aiming for their first award, try these things first :-

1 If you have a ribbon already find a big space. If you need to make something up, then some gift tape tied a wooden spoon would do well. This time there are five patterns to make :-

a) Straight arm circles - one arm up and the circling down with a straight arm, and up behind you. Try this forwards and backwards and with each arm.

b) Mixing bowls - your arm in front making a spiral as though you are mixing a cake mix. Either hand and clockwise & anti-clockwise.

c) Snakes - point the ribbon to the floor and wave the ribbon towards you and away from you to make a snake pattern on the floor. You can walk or turn round as you go.

d) Dragons - point the ribbon in front and away from you, then wave it up and down as you walk or turn. Try to keep the ribbon off the floor.

e) Cowboys - wave the ribbon around the back of your head and back to the front - rather like a cowboy lasso.

2 Bunny jump - crouch down with your knees together, lift your hands off the floor and move them forwards - shoulder width apart, then push your weight onto your hands and jump your feet forwards to get back to crouch. Try to do it again with your feet coming high up to your bottom.

3 Find a line on the ground somewhere - or lay a rope or string in a straight line. Try to walk along without stepping off. If you have a plank of wood or something else low down, try walking along without wobbling.

4 Dish & arch - lay down with legs straight and your arms straight up past your head. Lift your arms and head off the floor, lift your legs off the floor - still together and straight. Count to three slowly and lower down. Now turn onto your tummy and do the same again. Remember legs and arms straight.

Set Two for those who found the above easy :-

1 Find a low object you can step onto - such as the bottom step of your stairs. Step both feet up - one at a time, and the step down - one foot at a time. Repeat 25 times as quick as you can without losing your balance.

2 Hop, step and jump. Stand on one foot, take a big hop forwards, then a big step to the other foot. Lastly take off and land feet together in front of you. Make the hop, the steps and the jump long. Do it as fast as you can.

3 Find a ball or hoop and a level space. Roll the ball / hoop forwards with one push and then walk by the side of it for as many steps as you can - maybe as many as 20 before picking it up.

4 Frog balance. Crouch down with your knees open. Put your hands on the floor in front of you, but close. Slowly lean forwards to take your weight onto your hands and off your feet - perhaps rest your knees on your elbows. You should look a bit like a frog. Count to three slowly and return your feet to the floor.

Set Three for those who've been with us longer :-

1 Find a space about as long as our hall - about 30 paces. Now run the length twenty times as fast as you can without stopping. (In May you were doing ten lengths.)

2 Find a space to practice your cartwheels. Stand straight with your arms up by your ears to protect your head. Lift one leg and step sideways swing over and face sideways at the end with your arms still up by your head. Easy ? - then try going the other way - wrong hand first.

3 Last month you practised your bridges and rocked forwards and backwards. Try your bridge again, then the rocking and this time add on a 'kick out'. Lift on foot off the floor and try to kick right over yourself to land past your head.
After each try, cuddle your knees and do three tuck rolls before you try again.

4 Make sure you are warm and practise your lunges. Then try your right leg splits. Go as far down as you can with your hands off the floor, then put your hands on the floor and go a little further. Stay there for three seconds then stand up and shake your legs. Now try the other leg forwards, then try the 'box' splits. Hold each best try for three seconds. If you're getting close, then find a straight line somewhere and see if your legs are straight and your back knee facing the floor.

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